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Epson Pro Series printer repair and service

Compuworld is proud to offer factory certified technicians with extensive experience on the complete line of Epson Pro series printers. We have worked on all major models of the Epson Pro series, from the older 9500 and 10000 series, to the newer 7900 & 9900 models. Our technicians are available both in store and onsite to solve whatever problems you or your company might face.

Epson Pro Models Serviced
Epson Pro 3800 Epson Pro 7600
Epson Pro 3880 Epson Pro 7800
Epson Pro 4000 Epson Pro 7880
Epson Pro 4800 Epson Pro 7900
Epson Pro 4880 Epson Pro 9500
Epson Pro 4900 Epson Pro 9600
Epson Pro 5000 Epson Pro 9800
Epson Pro 5500 Epson Pro 9880
Epson Pro 7500 Epson Pro 9900
Epson Pro 10000 Epson Pro 10600
Epson Pro 11880  

Maintenance Required, and Service Required errors are no problem also, below is a list of common messages we get on these printers. If you find yourself with an Epson Pro series printer, and one of the errors listed below, give us a call so we can explain the problem, and solutions in order to get you back up and printing quickly!

Common Maintenance Codes:

Maint Req 0002 Maint Req 0004
Maint Req 0008 Maint Req 0010
Maint Req 0020 Maint Req 0040
Maint Req 0080 Maint Req 0100

These codes typical need a part replaced for preventative maintenance. This could be as simple as a battery, or as complex as the pump and cap assembly. In any case, if you have one of the above messages, it will be a minor repair, and we can usually have you or your company back up and going in no time!

Common Service Codes:

Service Req 00000101 Service Req 00000105
Service Req 00010001 Service Req 00010002
Service Req 00010004 Service Req 00010006
Service Req 0001000A Service Req 0001000C
Service Req 0001001B Service Req 0001001D
Service Req 0001002D Service Req 00010030
Service Req 00010031 Service Req 00010033
Service Req 00010037 Service Req 00010038

The above problems are a larger problem than the maintenance errors above. Errors similar to these service required codes typically will mean a part is not functioning correctly, or needs to be replaced. These codes will typically need diagnostics on the unit to correctly identify the problem and solution to the message.