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Projector Repair, Service, and Cleaning

Have a projector that isn't working correctly, or just has a blurry or discolored image? We at Compuworld can help! Projector repair and diagnostics are a specialty, and we have multiple years of troubleshooting and repair experience to draw upon. Flashing lights, bulb testing, and more are no problems for our trained technicians.

The most common problems we see include:

  • No Power, or Power off Immediately
  • Distorted or Discolor images
  • Lamp Replacement
  • Fan Noise, or overheating
  • Ballast Problems (lamp doesn't light)
Projector Spots

These problems are only a few of the common issues that we encounter on a daily basis. In many cases repair is much cheaper than replacement.

Diagnostics on these units runs only $40. In addition, that diagnostic charge will be applied towards the repair once the technician has identified the problem and solution, and has contacted the customer and received approval to complete the repair. If the unit is too expensive to repair due to a critical part, the only charges are the diagnostic fee.

In addition, we offer units for rental so if you need a replacement during service, we have a few models to choose from depending on your presentation situation. Please call or stop by, and make sure you check our projector rental page for more details!