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In Store – Onsite – Authorized Service Center

Compuworld, one of the largest computer and printer service locations in Phoenix, Arizona is able to provide all of your IT related services at one convenient location. Celebrating our 21st Anniversary, Compuworld is proud to have over 40 years of combined experience, letting our technicians diagnose problems in minutes instead of hours. Employing A+ certified technicians and Microsoft Certified Professionals allows the technicians at Compuworld to solve any problems that you might face. From anti-virus removal to recovering damaged data, there is no problem to small, or any disaster to large!

Compuworld offers both in store and onsite repair for your PC or laptop. We have years of exerience to draw upon in order to fix whatever ails your personal computer. Virus removal, Windows error messages, Spyware, malware and more are no problem for our technicians to solve. Most repairs take between one and two hours of labor to complete, and the most common repairs can be completed in one business day, though some problems may take longer depending on the severity.

We also have expirence with all server operating systesm from NT 3.51 to Windows Server 2008. Whether it's a simple memory upgrade, or as complex as installation of a server, feel confident that Compuworld has the skills and experience to make any pc need easy as pie!

We specialize in Epson Pro series printers, with extensive knowledge of operation and repair of these heavy duty professional printers. We can offer both in store and onsite service for these printers depending on the problems occurring, and cost. Routine maintenance or print quality issues are no problem for our Epson trained technicians to resolve. Call us at (602) 275-1500 if you have any questions regarding Epson Pro printer service!

Compuworld is also proud to offer repair and maintenance service for projectors. The projector market has grown by leaps and bounds the last few years, and it is difficult to find service centers for these units. We have technicians with experience repairing Epson, HP, Infocus, Optoma, Viewsonic, Toshiba, Sharp, Sanyo, BenQ, NEC, Compaq, and more! We offer a discounted diagnostics for these units as we understand some repair can exceed the cost of the units. Typical diagnostics take 1-2 business days, with repair times varying depending on the brand and problems encountered.

In Store

In store service is provided at our central Phoenix location, and is typically completed within one to two business days. In some cases, repairs can take longer, but we always keep our customers informed as the repair status of their equipment, and in some cases loaner equipment is available (deposit required). Diagnostic services are available also if you have a unit that you do not know is worth a repair or not, which will keep any potential waste at a minimum. In store services provided include, but are not limited to:

Computer Repair – Desktop and Laptop
Computer Upgrades
Spyware Removal
Anti-Virus Removal
Printer Repair
All Brands/Models
Printer Cleaning
Software Installation
Reformat / Restoring
Data Recovery
Wireless Networking
Projector Repair
Scanner Repair
Digital Camera Repair
Video Editing Services
CD/DVD Duplication
Laptop AC Jack Replacement
Laptop Screen Repair

On Site

Onsite technicians are available to come to your office or home to solve whatever problems you are experiencing during normal business hours. Weekend and Evening service is available, but must be scheduled in advance. In most cases the problems can be resolved with just one visit. Call our offices at (602) 275-1500 to schedule an appointment to check up your computer, or resolve any other issues you experience. Prices vary depending on the type of product being serviced, and is billed in half hour increments after the first hour. A trip charge may apply depending on distance from the store. Onsite services include, but are not limited to:

Backup Services –Tape, Disk, and Online
Small Office Networking
Server Maintenance – updates, safety checks, etc
Wireless Networking – Setup, troubleshooting, etc
Server / Client Software installation, including SQL and Pervasive
Computer Repair/Printer Repair – Including Epson Pro & DFX Series

In some cases if work cannot be completed onsite, we can transport the unit back to the store to complete the repair, and return with the unit the same day or next day, whichever may apply. This can be the case on difficult printer repairs where an overnight cleaning is required, or data recovery services where a long scan of the equipment might be necessary. In any case though, feel assured that the best technicians in Phoenix are working diligently to solve your problems.

In addition, Compuworld is a premiere Epson Service center, and realizes that many companies rely on their Epson DFX series, and Epson Pro series printers to run their businesses. We can complete almost all repairs on these units onsite in a quick manner. If you have either of these units, contact us to see about routine maintenance, or repair if necessary.

Authorized Service Center

Compuworld is proud to be an authorized service center for many companies including:

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Konika Minolta Logo
Okidata Logo

Click on any of the above links to go to that companies website

In most cases, if you have a product manufactured by one of the above companies, we can service it here at the store under warranty with not charge to you. Some models cannot be serviced locally, and must be shipped to the parent company directly, but contact us for further information. For out of warranty repairs, we can work on all units here at the store, with parts availability the only restriction in completing those repairs.

In addition, we also honor NEW and Warrentech extended warranties, most commonly sold through Office Depot and Staples stores. Customers with an extended warranty contract should contact the warranty provider, and ask that they dispatch the work order to Compuworld. Shortly after receiving the work order our technicians will be in contact with you to arrange for service.

Onsite service is covered for some units under warranty, contact us if you believe your unit under warranty is eligible for onsite service. Units most commonly covered under an onsite warranty are: Epson DFX Series Printers, Epson Pro Series Printers, and NEW extended warranties.